Escape: The Lab is a first of it's kind on-chain escape room puzzle game where playing the game itself is the rare asset. A limited number of tickets will be sold in order to access the game. When those tickets have been used, the game becomes inaccessible, never to be played again.

Escape Room Built on Polygon

Escape: The Lab is a virtual escape room game with its tickets for play created on Polygon. Purchasing a ticket gives the player one chance to assume the role of a test subject trapped in a lab. Solve the puzzles and Escape to claim your prize: An Escapee NFT, where the max supply is dictated by the number of players who win their games. Once the tickets are gone, so is the game - never to be played again.

Play as a fun family activity, get your puzzle friends together on Zoom, or use as a workplace team-building activity. Escape will put your puzzle solving prowess to the test, and reward those who complete the game in the allotted time.

30 Minute Time Limit

A virtual escape room where the game is a race against the clock.


Solo or Group

Play with friends on game night, or put yourself to the test and take on the challenge alone!


Polygon Blockchain

Minimal transaction fees for the play ticket, and no minting fee for Escapee NFTs.

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With only 10,000 tickets available, only a limited number of players will ever get to experience this game. Join us for whitelist opportunities to secure your place at the players table. 

Escape: The Lab is a first of it’s kind, but certainly  not the last. Ticket holders can look forward to playing all of the games released in Season 1 – The Lab. 

Winners will be awarded an Escapee NFT to prove their puzzle solving prowess. With a max supply dictated by the number of players who successfully escape the puzzle room in time, the Escapee NFT series max supply is determined by the players of the game – up to 10,000 if every ticket wins.

The first blockchain game where the play experience is itself the aspect of rarity. Purchase your ticket to join an exclusive group of players, and successfully complete the game in order to take your place among the hall of champions.

Escape: The Lab is a blockchain gaming experience designed and presented to you by Dark Castle Labs, a group of NFT creators and artists collaborating to put together new and unique community experiences. 

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