Getting Started

To begin playing Escape: The Lab Click on the “Play” button at the bottom of this page.  But first, please read the instructions below.

If you don’t yet have your ticket, go to the mint page first to get one. You will not be able to play without a valid ticket.

  1. When you click “Play”, you will be connected to the game site, where you will need to connect your Metamask wallet so that we can verify that you have a ticket(s) to use.
  2. Once verified, you will be asked if you want to use one of your tickets.
  3. When you click “Use Ticket” – the ticket will be marked as used in our database, but your ticket will still be in your wallet.  (Keep this ticket, because you will be able to use it to play all of the Episodes in Season 1)
  4. The introductory screen contains a “Start” button and a count-down timer.
    Once you click on start the timer will begin, and there is no way to reset it.
    You will have 30 minutes to complete the puzzles and Escape The Lab!

If you succeed in Escaping – your ticket will be marked as a Winner in our database!

Share your sweet victory with your friends on Twitter by clicking the Twitter button.

By successfully completing Escape : The Lab you will be able to mint an Escapee for free (plus gas).  Winners wallet addresses are added to our minting whitelist every Friday evening. You will be able to mint your Escapee following the next scheduled whitelist update after you have won the game.


If you DO NOT succeed in escaping the lab within the 30 minute time-limit.  You will be re-captured and you will not be able to use your ticket to try this episode again. 

Share your bitter defeat with your friends on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter button.  WHY? Because we will randomly draw from failed attempts and airdrop a NEW ticket to some users.


We do NOT recommend buying tickets on OpenSea, as they could already be used – and will therefore NOT allow you to play Escape : The Lab.

Navigating the game:

The game is designed to be played in FULL SCREEN.
If you try to play in a window, you will not have access to the controls.

At the beginning of the game, there is some dialogue that requires you to click on a “Continue” button to proceed.

On each screen there is a left and right arrow. You can click on the directional arrow to move to the next screen. (See game image below)
(NOTE: if there is dialogue on the screen, you will need to click anywhere on the screen once to dismiss it before you can click to move to another screen)

Some of the puzzles require a window to be closed before you can continue. Simply click on the X (close button) to do so.


If you click on a useable item within the game, it will automatically be added to your inventory. In the top right corner of your interface, there is an inventory icon.

You can click on the icon to open inventory.

inventory button
Once you are in your inventory, you can click on an item to select it, then click on “Use” – this will place that item in your hand – ready to be used.
To “Use” an item, in-game you can click on the object in the game that you want to use it with.
Some puzzles require multiple items to solve.
You can also try “Combining” items in your inventory.
To combine items, select the two items you would like to combine, and then click on combine.
NOTE: You can combine more than two items together, but you can only do two at a time.
Example: if you had 2 water-bottles and 1 water jar, you can click on the first water bottle – plus the jar, and then click on combine. Afterwards, you can click on the second water bottle and the jar, and then click on combine. Both bottles of water will be added to the jar. (There is no water in the game, so make sure you have some handy )


Some items in-game (such as notes or letters) require that you put them in your hand – open inventory, then click on the item, then click on (use), and then click on the magnifying glass to examine them.

The item will open in a new window – click on the X to close the window when you are finished with it.



examine button
close button
Game-play screen with controls:

Are you ready?

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